Elizabeth Saltzman joined Vanity Fair as fashion editor in 1994. She was promoted to fashion director in 1995. Prior to joining Vanity Fair, Saltman was a contributing editor at Vogue. She began her fashion career in 1983 with Giorgio Armani in Milan and New York. In 1985, Saltzman moved to Vogue and was soon promoted to senior fashion editor at the magazine, a position she held for eight years. Saltzman is active in fund-raising for the Robin Hood Foundation, a charity founded by her brother David. She lives in London and New York.

Treasure: My boys’ laughter
Quote: From Graydon Carter “Congratulations… Just don’t fuck it up!”
Escape: Daydreaming
Vacation: Anywhere there is few people, few stores, lots of sunshine and 3 to 8 foot waves for surfing… Gees it sounds like I’m in Maui on the North Shore
Inspiration: Books, films, art. Most of all music and specific people. Slim Aarons, Jackie O, my brother David Saltzman… And anyone who is truly kind and helps others, whether it is in the fashion business or Africa it doesn’t matter if you are putting a smile on other people’s faces.
Movie: La Cage aux Folles and for style most Hitchcock films
Childhood memory: My father and mother welcoming all their dinner guests at their weekly dinner parties. It seemed like they were the Prince and Princess, and all the guests were so fun and entertaining.
Work of Art: From Cy Twombly to Jean Michel Basquiat to Picasso
Song:“Crazy in Love” by Beyonce
Designer : Past will be Halston, the man himself, Madame Gres and Coco Chanel. Present is Michael Kors, Francisco Costa, and Tom Ford.
Misconception (about you): Are there any? Didn’t know anyone had any of me!
Guilty Pleasure: Sugarbaby’s, Cadbury milk chocolate, red liquorice, M&M’s, Swedish Fish… Oh heck sugar, sugar, sugar!
Junk Food: I’d rather stick to sugar… Anything with sugar on it!
Youth Remedy: Surfing and body boarding in the ocean
De-Stress Mechanism: Jumping on the trampoline with my kids
Cocktail: Never had one but I take fresh watermelon juice anytime
Party: A party where you can actually dance and let your hair down
Hangover Remedy: Haven’t found the perfect one yet… But if anyone does may they be worshipped, much loved and super rich.
Crush: Don’t have one at the moment, any suggestions?
Lipstick + Nail Color: All the nudes and pinks from Tom Ford’snew beauty range for lipstick and baby pink anything for nail color
TV Show: Glee
Cartoon Character: Tweety
Menu: Palm Beach Grill in Florida
Restaurant: Palm Beach Grill in Florida, Waverley Inn in NY, Polpo, Jaks, Scott’s, The Wolseley and Nobu in London.