Jean Pigozzi is a Paris-born, Italian businessman, who studied at Harvard University before working for Gaumont Film Company and 20th Century Fox. He is an art collector, philanthropist and photographer and is the son of Henri Pigozzi, founder of the French carmaker Simca.

Quote: “Live to create”
Escape: I can’t conceive of a holiday that is not on the sea
Vacation: I hate the word vacation. I do like traveling but I never stop working and creating even when I am traveling
Inspiration: Contemporary African art, Ettore Sottsass, Matisse, The Rolling Stones, and Robert Frank
Movie: Fellini’s movies
Childhood memory: Going on my father’s sailboat
Song: The Rolling Stones, U2, and Bob Marley
Designer (past or present): I love my mother’s Balenciaga dresses, and now I really like Gianbattista Valli, and obviously LimoLand
Misconception (about you): That I am a playboy
Guilty Pleasure: Too many gadgets
Junk Food: Starbucks Frappuccino
Youth Remedy: Eating less
De-Stress Mechanism: Try to sleep for longer than six hours
Cocktail: I don’t drink
Party: I only go to parties where people don’t smoke<
Hangover Remedy: I have no idea, as I don’t touch alcohol
Pals: People who are intelligent and who make me laugh
Crush: Too many sexy girls to list on this page
TV Show: 24, The Sopranos, and Weeds
Cartoon Character: South Park characters
Menu: Printed big enough so I don’t have to bring a torch to read them
Restaurant: Monkey Bar in New York, the food is excellent and the service is impeccable