Michelle Alves is a Brazilian model who has graced the covers of more than 100 magazines including Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, and Glamour. She first began modeling in Sao Paulo, which eventually led her to shooting campaigns with Valentino, Christian Dior, Escada, Ralph Lauren and dozens more. She is married to Guy Oseary, and a mother of two. 

Treasure: My kids Oliver and Mia
Quote: “Never let do tomorrow what you can do today.”
Escape: Pilates
Vacation: My favorite vacation would be to cruise the Amalfi coast in a large boat because it’s one the most romantic places to be. The water temperature is perfect and both the food and wine are delicious.
Inspiration: Women with courage.
Childhood Memory: Riding in the trunk of a Volkswagen with six kids on the beaches in Brazil  
Work of Art: The Flowers Print Series of Andy Warhol
Song: “Corcovado” by Tom Jobim
Designer (Past or Present): YSL himself. He was an absolute genius.
Misconception (about you): People are afraid of me. I don’t bite! I’m actually really sweet.
Guilty Pleasure: I like to sleep in late
Junk Food: Cheeseburgers from In-N-Out Burger
Youth Remedy: Keep young in the heart
DeStress Mechanism: Give your mind a break by helping somebody else
Cocktail: Lemon drops and watermelon lemonade
Party: The after Oscar Party at my house
Hangover Remedy: Eat cucumber before your go to sleep. I read that in one of those chain emails
Crush: When I was a little girl, I had a crush on the Incredible Hulk. Haha, don’t ask me why!
Lipstick & Nail Color: Red lipstick and gray nail polish
TV Show: Curb Your Enthusiasm
Cartoon Character: Goofy, we have a ton in common
Menu: Italian, anytime
Restaurant: Antiquarius in Sao Paulo, Brazil