Whether he is helping to invent brands like Kenneth Cole, Coach, and Snapple or reinventing brands like Target, Jergens, Moët & Chandon, Richard Kirshenbaum proves that dedication and creativity can result in great achievements. Richard has been included in Crain’s “40 Under 40” and placed #2 on the list of Top 100 Entrepreneurs of the US for the Young Entrepreneurs’, amongst countless other successes. Richard is married to Dana and has three children, Lucas, Talia, and Georgia Rose.

Be sure to check out Richard's new book Madboy which describes his journey and experience working in advertising business from the 1980's to today.

Treasure: My collection of “love” and “I’m sorry” notes from my kids
Quote: “Dance while you can” Stan Kirshenbaum
Escape: My bathtub
Vacation: Any day in Capri or Jamaica is glorious
Inspiration: Put Woody Allen, Gianni Agnelli, Horst P. Horst, and Cary Grant in a blender
Movie: Annie Hall. I am, after all, from Long G’land
Childhood memory: My mother talking on the phone, oblivious to my father standing on his head doing yoga
Work of Art: Tara Donovan pin drawing over my fireplace
Song: Joni Mitchell is my poet/hero.“Blue” is a masterpiece.
Designer: My Commes des Garcons patchwork blazer from 1987 still rocks
Misconception (about you): I have a small nose in photos
Guilty Pleasure: Anything fried
Junk Food: Onion rings are my downfall
Youth Remedy: No matter what they say, everyone looks better with a tan
De-Stress Mechanism: Bath salts and a non-salted margarita and a run in the park, not necessarily in that order
Cocktail: Blackwell Fine Jamaican Rum (I co-founded so I am partial)
Party: The party for the Americans at the Quisisana Hotel (1987-2007)
Hangover Remedy: Hair of the dog with a Blackwell “Black eye” and a Rabbi Mintz Mints
Pals: David, Jordy, Bippy, Marc, Patty, Marisa, Muffie, Jamie, Lisa, (and of course Stefani)
Crush: Dana. I married my second wife first.
Lipstick + Nail Color: Anything “tarty”
TV Show: Bewitched. Darrin Stevens was responsible for my being an adman.
Cartoon Character: Any celebrity sighting
Menu: Italian beats Jewish except for dessert. We have better cookies and seven-layer cake (except for Violetta Acocella’s Italian wafer “pizzelle” cookies)
Restaurant: Da Silvano, and the soon to open “Kutshers Tribeca”since I am a partner, have to advertise.